Now that the weather is cooperating it's time to fling open the doors and start dining the backyard.

When the sun goes down and the warm breeze picks up you'll need some ambient light to help you see the barbecue and your food, but nothing too harsh.

Perhaps something that will bring back some memories of your summer in Italy or that small European cafe.

Traditionally, in the more popular big box stores, these industrial outdoor lights can run approximately $300.  

But there are a few sources over the internet that have high-quality, industrial, cafe-style light strings at much more reasonable prices.

Right now, has THE best deal out there. These are the "Table In A Bag European Cafe Commercial Quality String Lights.

They also have a nice selection at Siva Lighting in black, green, and white.

If you prefer to try a solar option, or just want to add these to the mix, you can try wrapping them around your potted trees!

Hope you had a great 4th!