There's a new little shop in town. 

The "Little Shop of Hoarders"!

It is packed full of surprises and styled fabulously.

a wonderful collection of gilt frames 


a collection of fire nozzles
 A partnership between four friends: Ron Morgan, Therese Long, Tom Burke, and one other. You may remember Ron Morgan from the infamous
"Loot" on College Avenue in Oakland. After a long run, Ron decided to move his shop to Lafayette along with his Floral/Garden Club consulting business. But now we are lucky to have him and his fabulous style back in Oakland as well!

The lovely Therese, who is also a fellow scavenger treasure hunter, complements Ron and his style beautifully. She also has her own treasure hunting blog, La Dolfina.

Together these partners are sure to make a splash with their hoardes!

Be sure to check back with them frequently as I am sure their treasures are in and out in a flash!

Little Shop Of Hoarders
6397 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA
Open Thursday, Friday, & Saturday from 12-6