If you've been following my blog adventures for any length of time, you'll know that I'm CRAZY about branches, especially Manzanita. I always recommend keeping a few branches around. They can be used in so many different ways!

You can even make a quick and easy pendant light!

All you need are 3 sandblasted Manzanita branches (that you can get here),

and a light socket and some nylon covered electrical cord (that you can get at your local hardware store or here).

Thread your electrical cord through the top of your socket, strip the wires, attach the positive wire (usually has ribs on the wire insulation) to the brass screw, attach the neutral wire to the silver screw,

and put your socket back together.

Grab your 3 Manzanita branches, hold them upside down in a bunch until you have the shape you are looking for, thread your electrical cord up through the center of the branches, and wrap a rubberband around them to keep them together,

Heat up your glue gun and glue the branches together where they are banded (under the rubberband). 

Once the glue has cooled and set cut the rubberband off and wrap a leather strip (lace) around the branches. Start by hot gluing the end in between two branches,

wrap your leather lace around the branches about 5 times (glue a couple points under each wrap),

Finish by gluing the end inside 2 branches just as you started.


Voila!...You now have a fun pendant light!

 Have a great weekend!...Lori