It will only take you 10 minutes today to make your home look and smell beautiful for weeks during the holidays!

The fresh bulbs are now in your local nursery and specialty stores.

All you need for a BIG impact are about 15 bulbs,

a long, narrow and shallow container or trough (this can make a great statement in the middle of a rectangular table or on a mantle),

and some regular pea size gravel or decorative stones.

Fill your container about two thirds with gravel or decorative stone, place your Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs (roots down) about one third of the way into the top of the gravel, fill the container with water until the roots and base of the bulb are submerged. 

Place the container in bright indirect sunlight and add water when necessary to maintain the level at the bottom of the bulbs.

Voila! In about 5 to 7 weeks you will have incredible white blooms! Just in time for the holidays!