You may be familiar with Nathan...he also has a home on Piedmont Avenue.

But just one week ago Nathan & Co. opened a second home on College Avenue right across from Market Hall.

The little shop is stocked to the gills with interesting big and little items.

The front section has lots of cooking supplies and cookbooks, while the back has some REALLY FABULOUS jewelry that I wish I had a picture for you to see...excellent pricing on the jewelry as well!

Here are some aluminum pedestals with glass cloches that can be used for anything from baked goods to interesting artifacts. Those are some very cute tiny cactus tea lights in the picture under the glass domes.

Cast aluminum antler candlesticks are always fabulous for the holidays.

This brass and wood version of an architects lamp is beautiful.

Interesting Edison light fixtures are also scattered throughout the store.

Nathan & Co.
5638 College Ave. 
Oakland, CA
Their Grand Opening party is slated for November 19th when they will be serving champagne and goodies! 

 Meanwhile, I've been told that this next Friday, October 21st, the Piedmont store will be holding their BIG sale...just in case you might want to check that out too!

Have a great warm weekend!