Happy New Year Everyone!

Remember the old antique mirror that I refinished and limed? That mirror is now in my new bathroom. Here's a sneak peak...more photos to come later.


Traditional medicine cabinets and their designs can be so limiting. I used the mirror as a door for my medicine cabinet above my sink. The cabinet is really just a niche in the wall that I outfitted with glass shelves and hung the mirror with a piano hinge on the right side. Piano hinges can hold a tremendous amount of weight so it works perfectly for this heavy mirror. I was able to save money and create something unique!

For more storage I have a niche over the toilet with glass shelves that I hung a painted 3/4 inch plywood door over. 


You would never know that it's a door though, it looks like a natural art installation. I cleaned and sealed a piece of driftwood that I found and then mounted it on the painted plywood and hung it with another piano hinge. I really wanted a contrast to the white clean look...the weathered driftwood is perfect.

2012 is shaping up to be a packed year full of new ideas and projects for you. I'll also be announcing the opening of a new shop where you can purchase some of those projects (if you don't feel like making them yourself) as well as some of my spruced up finds and my new lighting designs, like the cast bronze Manzanita sconces you see in my bathroom above. I'll keep you updated!