I'm talking about Clementine, the lovely little flower boutique on the sleepy end of College Avenue in Rockridge...not the folk ballad!  

Natalie, the shop owner, will be celebrating Clementine's 1-year anniversary in a few weeks, and she is happy to say that the business is doing very well. 

Natalie started working with flowers at the now closed Impressions in the Orinda Theater Square. If you don't already know, Impressions happened to be the most eclectic, fabulous, and unusual flower shop I had ever seen. I was very sorry to see it go a few years ago. It was at Impressions that Natalie realized flowers are her true passion.

Natalie, who ended up running the business for the last 2 years of her time there, maintained all of her clientele and worked out of her home studio until opening Clementine almost a year ago.

Her arrangements can be described as lush, delicate, romantic, wild, and beautiful. She puts thought into each individual stem that she places.

You can find lovely Natalie at Clementine most days, unless she is off delivering flowers in the neighborhood or to a wedding. Clementine also has a mix of vintage glass and china pieces that Natalie picks up on her travels.


5322 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618