I've been asked several times over the past week "How should I frame my kids' art and where can I hang it...do you think it's good enough to hang in the back hall?"

What is great about kids art is that it is natural and uninhibited. It is very difficult (if not impossible) for most adults to create the same feeling in their masterpieces. Kids really are the true masters.  

Where should you hang it? I say hang it somewhere that is visible to your house guests so that they may enjoy it too! You can hang them as individual pieces as well as group them on a gallery wall. You can even intersperse them with your other favorite professional pieces. 


The next question is where to get the frames. 

Aaron Brothers is a great source for frames, especially when they are having their One Cent Sale. Buy any frame and get the second one for one cent.  That is hard to beat! 

The One Cent Sale is happening now through July! So run down with your child's artwork and pick some frames out.

Depending on where you are placing them, the frames can all be the same style and color (simple is best), or if you are going for an eclectic look, mix it up as I did here.

PS...They are also having a One Cent Sale on their canvases. Pick a couple of those up too and next time I'll show you how you and/or your child can paint your own magnificent abstract focal point for one of your large walls. 

Have a great weekend!

Aaron Brothers
2450 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA

Aaron Brothers
5618 Bay Street