Are you in desperate straights to find time and resources to decorate for the holidays? I am! 

What I had over my mantle just wasn't making the cut. As I have several mirrors that I pick up at junk shops because they are so easy to re-do in so many ways and can be used for so many things, I thought I'd re-do one quickly and easily to start my mantle decor. Mirrors are always a good fall back for making a big statement.

This mirror was no exception. I picked it up for $5. at my local junk shop. It looked terrible but had a nicely shaped frame and good quality glass in it.

I lightly sanded it...ever so lightly and took about 3 minutes.

I taped the edges of the mirror and then covered the whole piece of glass because originally I thought I would spray it.

When I realized I didn't have enough spray paint I grabbed a tube of Golden black acrylic paint that I always keep in my paint box. I brushed on the acrylic (probably easier and less wasteful then spray paint). 

After the black acrylic dried (about 2 hours later), I grabbed a smaller brush and quickly painted on some Golden gold acrylic. I just followed the natural grooves in the mirror frame. This part I also did very quickly (in about 10 minutes). The lines don't have to be perfect by any means. It actually looks more interesting and "hand made" or slightly rustic.

Voila!...The main mantle centerpiece is I just have to fill in the rest.