Do you need a nice large coffee table for entertaining during the holidays but would rather save the money for gifts? 

No problem...these tables are not only easily put together with materials you may already have, but are certainly worthy of a permanent place in your home!

For this stylish number, all you need are 3-4 stones that are very similar in height and 1 round or square plywood plank, old outdoor table top...

If you have four extra 4x4's hanging around in your scrap wood pile, use those to produce this.

  Need help finding materials?

  • Check your local lumberyard's scrap piles and bins. They are usually happy to give you their leftover cuts. If you're in Berkeley, try Ashby Lumber. I've picked up tons of wood there for my sons skate ramps!
  • If there is a house re-model going on in your neighborhood, they should have lots of old scrap from the demolition and scrap from the new work. Old wood has tremendous character and is usually better than what you can get new.
  • For tabletops you can either get pre-cut rounds at Home Depot, have them cut a custom size for you out of laminated or rough plywood, or check out your local re-use center like Urban Ore