Today marks the 131st year that the Salvation Army has been operating in the US. Like many of the first Americans, it too originated from England.

Lori and I visited the Salvation Army Store on Webster St. in Downtown Oakland a few weeks ago.  I was still on my hunt for a bookshelf and a table for my sacred space.

Thrift store shopping is inevitably a hit-or-miss experience. This time, it was a hit! Well, at least a partial hit.  I found a little table in excellent condition and of good quality.  It was priced originally at $24, but marked down to $14. A coat of glossy black or grey paint would modernize this jewel!

Lori spotted two matching brass side tables with inset beveled glass top and shelf for only $12 each. They just need a little brass polish!

The friendliness and helpfulness of the Salvation Army staff impressed both Lori and I. It was a great experience from beginning to end.

Salvation Army Thrift Store
601 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94607

I've been lucky at the Thrift store in Hayward as well:
30 A St.
Hayward, CA 94541

Alameda Antiques Faire update:
Due to rain, the faire was postponed to this Sunday. Please join us! We will be waiting at the main gate at 7:30 am.

Save Your Glass Bottles...
...for the next fantastic Do-It-Yourself project we will be tackling soon.  I guarantee you'll love it! 
Any bottles; clear, green, tall, skinny, fat, the more variety the better. You'll need several to make a statement.