Spring is in the air and celebrations will be had this weekend with lovely meals.

Whether you observe Easter or Passover, It's a great time to set a beautiful table...and I have some ideas for you!

Votives are festive...why not make your own by using real eggs lined with gold.

The glow is beautiful and it's fitting for any occasion.

All you need to do is pick up a dozen white eggs at the store. Crack them in half, empty the eggs into a bowl (you can use them later for a quiche or fritatta), wash out the shells gently with hot water, and allow them to dry. They dry quickly outside in the sun.

Next break off any small pieces on the edges of the shell halfs that are cracking off, and get out your gold acrylic paint. I use "Golden Heavy Body Iridescent Gold".

Paint the inside of each shell, let them dry for about 3 hours, and then paint them with a second coat.

Once dry, you can place small tea lights in each one. You'll have a unique and beautiful glowing table!

The table I set was with several vintage white table cloths that I layered on. I then made the floral arrangement with some Eucalyptus greens, Viburnum (I call them snowballs), and miniature white roses. I always put a couple Manzanita branches in first for good measure.

Happy Holidays!