I have been asked several times over the past few weeks for rug recommendations. The most important part of these requests is that the rugs need to be modern, interesting, and SNUGGLY!

People want rugs that their entire family can sit on and play board games, chat, watch TV, and feel cozy.

I have found the MOST snuggly rugs.

Elle Decor 
They are classic but modern and would fit in any setting.

These rugs are originally from the Beni Ourain and Neighboring tribes in the Northeastern Middle Atlas mountains in Morocco. They are hand woven with long natural creamy white colored sheeps wool, often including a graphic diamond design in brown sheeps wool. 

Elle Decor 
They are called the "White Giants" and represent the earlier weaving tradition of the Zenata Berber.

 Living Etc.

 There are many sources for these beautiful vintage "White Giants"; Ebay, Tazi Designs in San Francisco and Amadi Carpets.

Dwell Studio 
I think I'm ready to walk barefoot on one of my own!