I've been working with Nick and Tony Zigenis for the past 15 years. Not only are they some of the nicest people you will ever meet, they are some of the best painters you will ever find! They are always the first people I go to when a client needs interior or exterior painting done.

How did you both begin your painting careers?

It was very natural for us. Our father started the business when we were kids and taught us most of what we know. "Zigenis and Sons" became a highly reputable and sought after business for small homes and large companies. 

What should a homeowner look for when hiring a painter?

  • Make sure the painters are licensed and insured. 
  • Always check references.
  • Does the person that comes to estimate your job actually do the work or do they send someone else?
  • How long have their employees been with them, are they trained and do they have experience?
  • Look at how their vehicles are kept. This should give you an idea how they will maintain your property.
  • Will they do the prep work that is needed; scrape off the old paint, get rid of bubbles.
  • Make sure the written estimate you receive contains all the steps of the job in detail.
  • What paint manufacturers do they prefer to use.
What step do you feel is the most important?

Definitely the preparation. It takes the longest as well. If the home exterior is being painted, the walls need to be pressure washed first with a minimum of 4000 psi spray. Make sure they will be sanding and scraping all of the bubbles out. Be sure they are lead certified. Be sure that the painter primes with at least one coat but 2 coats is optimal.

Do you prefer to roll or spray the exterior of a house?

Rolling paint is by far the highest quality job. The roller puts more paint on, puts it on thicker, and it pushes the paint into every crevice. When spraying, more paint goes into the air than on the walls. It's also more eco friendly.

What are your favorite products to use?

We have a few favorites, for different reasons, depending on the type of job. Benjamin Moore definitely has the best colors and we like their "Iron Clad Oil Based Paint". Kelley Moore's "Durapoxy" is great when you want a dead flat finish. Sherwin Williams "Resiliance" line is also good.

A good paint job can look great and last you double the time a substandard one would.

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