Have you been looking for one or two unique large pillows for your sofa or chaise? They can be very expensive and very hard to find.

This one was made with an Anthropologie 2' x 3' crewel wool rug!

It only takes 15 minutes max! 
These crewel wool rugs usually have a heavy cotton backing that is just attached around the edges.  


All you need to do is open up the seam at one of the short ends of the pillow (where the cotton back attaches to the front), fill it with a bag of poly fill or a feather and down insert from the fabric store, hand stitch it back up with a needle and thread, and your good to go...or to stay, sit back, relax, and read my blog!

There are several similar rugs to choose from at Anthropologie. Currently these are some of the choices:

Festival Rug

Pliant Laurel Rug 

Floral Fresco Rug 
Flutter Pattern Rug
Have a great weekend! - Lori