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Take a Walk in The Meadows

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Friday, April 15, 2011, In : Flowers 

The Meadows that I am referring to is the charming little flower shop on College Avenue on the Berkeley/Rockridge border.

The owner of The Meadows since 1989 is Patrick Ansari. He works hard to run a sustainable business by supporting local farmers, providing flowers that are grown outdoors (not in hothouses that use more energy and resources which in turn make them more expensive as well), treating his flowers with care so they last longer, and of course taking care of his valuable staff.


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Fabulous Farmers Market Orchids

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Thursday, March 17, 2011, In : Flowers 

Every Saturday at the Berkeley Farmers Market on Center Street, the orchid man sits with his huge stand of lovely orchids.  He has large ones and small ones, most for only $10.


Orchids are a wonderful plant to have as a floral arrangement.  They are simple, sophisticated, and colorful all at the same time.  What is even better is the blooms can last for up to two months, and you only have to really water them well every two weeks!

Here is one way to take 2 of those orchid plants and really ...

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Freshen Up...For only $6.

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Friday, March 4, 2011, In : Flowers 

All the spring blossoming branches are here, but only for a couple more weeks. The fastest and easiest way to make your home feel fresh and beautiful is with flowers.  Having guests? Don’t have time to dust? No problem.  A simple arrangement will distract and disguise most anything.  

Blossoming Branches are the easiest.  There are several at the flower shops right now; Cherry Blossoms, Redbud, Pussy Willow, and more.

Just grab a bunch,

Clip the ends off the branches and then split them wit...

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