The Meadows that I am referring to is the charming little flower shop on College Avenue on the Berkeley/Rockridge border.

The owner of The Meadows since 1989 is Patrick Ansari. He works hard to run a sustainable business by supporting local farmers, providing flowers that are grown outdoors (not in hothouses that use more energy and resources which in turn make them more expensive as well), treating his flowers with care so they last longer, and of course taking care of his valuable staff.

Patrick is currently featuring West Coast Field Tulips that are grown outdoors.  They are different from hothouse or in season tulips shipped from the Southern Hemisphere in that they have large plump heads which have an old school charm and actually continue growing after you have put them in water! 

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. They are elegant, graceful, and practically arrange themselves.

Just bring them home, fill a vase with cold water, make a fresh cut on each stem, and place in the vase. 

Helpful hints would include using a vase with a smaller mouth (opening), so they can start out in a loosely cinched bunch and then cascade beautifully as they keep growing! 

Patrick has these incredible West Coast Field Tulips for $7 to $8 a bunch.  If you mention that the Design Salon sent you over for “the large plump heads with the old school charm” he’ll take $1. off the retail price!  

Here are a few ideas to help you arrange them:

Add a few branches to make a larger more dynamic statement.

Start by placing your branches in the vase.

Place your tulips in one at a time, while nudging the ends under one of the branches. Only put the bottom quarter to third of the stem in water.

As you add more tulips, the branches act as a hanger or post to help hold some of them up while leaving some cascading.

Use one bunch in a smaller vase without any branches. Classic and sophisticated.

Use two bunches in a larger vase. Here there are two different colors; apricot and fuschia.

As you place your tulips in, one at a time, they will begin to start supporting each other by fitting more tightly together in the vase opening. You may have to adjust one stem while holding another in place.

If you have one left over, it's always nice to keep it at your bedside in a small bud vase.

Have a relaxing weekend enjoying your tulips while knowing that you are also supporting The Meadows in your community.

The Meadows

6307 College Ave.

Oakland 510-653-3322