The name was my son's idea. He thinks it looks like an atom, and all his friends agreed. They all think it's WAY COOL! I like the industrial chic look it has.

Some of you guessed right on the last post. These molded spheres of steel hanger strap were fashioned into a pendant light. If you guessed chandelier that counts.

All you need to do is get some 22 gauge 3/4" galvanized steel hanger strap at your local hardware store and a few (approximately 12) small short bolts that fit through the holes.

Decide on the diameter of your pendant. Mine is 15". I made 8 circles, all 15" in diameter by cutting 8 lengths of strap, all 48" long. 

Make 6 of your circles by gently bending your strapping, overlapping the end by about 1/2" and securing each ring with one bolt where they meet.

Start putting your rings together by slipping one through the other at a 90 degree angle. Bolt the ends that overlap at the top and the bottom. Then continue by slipping your third ring over the top of your sphere, bisecting it. Where ever the rings cross you should attach them with a bolt.

Continue in this fashion until you have your 6 rings together. Then add your last two rings, that you have not bolted yet, by just wrapping them around the outside and attaching the ends and the cross pieces to the bolts that are already in place.

Now it's time to gild the interior of the sphere. First brush on some sizing that you can find at the craft store. You'll have to let it sit for about an hour before you start placing your gold on.

Next, gently cut your very fragile leaf squares into strips (you can cut as you go along) and place them gently onto your sizing on the inside of your pendant. They will stick quickly and will probably wrinkle and tear. Not to worry, that's part of the look; torn, imperfect, industrial but chic. Keep pressing on leaf until everything is covered. Dont worry about it all sticking perfectly or overlap on the edges.

When the entire interior has leaf on it, take a soft brush and press it all down by brushing it. This will also remove any excess leaf and overlap. It tears off easily. Once this step is complete, you can seal it with a clear coat of varnish or sealer used specifically for leaf (either works fine).

Now you're ready to wire your pendant. First slip the nylon covered wire through what you have determined to be the top hole. Slip your socket top on to the wire, split and strip the wire and attach it to your socket (neutral wire to the silver screw, positive wire to the brass screw) and re-attach your top to the socket.

Put your bulb in the socket to determine where you'd like it to hang within your sphere. Once you have found the spot, just tie a rubber band around the cord where you want it to hit the top of your pendant. This will prevent the cord from slipping through the hole in the straps and the socket from slipping all the way up to the top. 

You're all set! Just add a plug or hardwire it to the ceiling. I can see 3 of these pendants hanging over a rustic kitchen island, or just one off center over a console table.

Have fun!...Lori