You may have heard some buzz about incandescent light bulbs. 

New York Times
If not, let me tell you what it's all a nutshell.

There was a bill passed in 2007 that made the incandescent bulb subject to stringent changes beginning in January of 2012. Some of these changes have already gone into effect in California. The changes will make the current 100 watt bulb, that we all know and love, obsolete. The manufacturers have been mandated to make these bulbs at least 25% more efficient than they currently are.

Philips has already come out with their answer to this with their 72 watt equivalent, Philips Soft White EcoVantage.

Over the next couple of years the 60 watt and 40 watt bulbs will experience the phase out with more efficient replacements until they must all be more efficient in 2014.

This law was put into effect as a push for manufacturers to accelerate their development of more cost effective, energy efficient, and palatable lighting options.

There are several new options coming out now.


GE Crisp Light Halogen 100 Watt Equivalent - Dimmable

The new dimmable (very important!) Halogens which are a warmer light and can be used in lamps and dining lighting,

The new LED's (light emitting diodes) which tend to be a cooler light and are best used when highlighting art or in the kitchen for spotlighting stoves or counters,


And the new dimmable CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) which are at the bottom of my list, as I do not like the light they produce and (I believe) the toxic waste component is worse than using a bit more energy. 

There are definitely new and better options being developed rapidly...So I'll keep you posted!