The Design Salon Shop is finally open!

It's taken a while and I wasn't sure if I should wait until every possible item is ready, but I decided to open up and regularly add to the offerings as I go.

The Design Salon Shop resides in the Etsy marketplace. For those of you that do not know Etsy, it is a vintage and handmade marketplace who's mission is to empower people (very very small businesses) to change the way the global economy works, make it more sustainable, and more fun. Certainly I have shopped many times in the Etsy marketplace. It allows me to purchase unique handmade items that I can't otherwise find in big box stores.

There are currently 2 sections of the shop

Vintage Lighting,

which I have found and could not resist during treasure hunting trips. All of the vintage lighting has been cleaned, re-wired if needed, and in some cases augmented or adorned with modern details such as finials or taller necks. Even though they are vintage, they are classic and can be used in most interiors.

Original Lighting Designs,

which are lighting pieces of my own design that I have fabricated using natural materials or recycled objects. I'll be adding new unique designs in this category regularly.

Step inside my shop, look around, tell your friends, and definitely stop by regularly to see what's new!