For the Birds!

Remember last summer I hung my fire pit as a beautiful platter on the wall above the bench on my back deck? It really spiffed things up. The best up-cycle I had done in a while! If you'd like to see how to do it click here.

At the time, I couldn't figure out what to do with the lid to the firepit. I decided to keep it knowing at some point something would come to me. Well it did! 

I was watching the birds perched on the large pot that we have in the middle of the jungle (that I call the backyard), and the idea came to me. The large pot used to be a bubbling fountain until at the end of last year I had to clean it. It's when I have to clean something and it takes longer than an hour I decide to turn it into something else. So I emptied the water, cleaned it and left it there.

What I realized was I could have shallow water (that would be easy to clean) and enjoy the birds taking a bath by simply turning the fire pit lid upside down on top of my empty pot and filling it with water. It's shallow enough for the birds not to drown, yet has enough water to bathe!

All I did was do a quick cleaning of the inside of the lid, unscrewed the handle and took it off, filled the hole with waterproof silicon, let it cure for 5 hours, placed a few stones I had in the middle, and filled it with water. The copper will darken and oxidize in time anyway so I wasn't worried about getting all the dark spots out. I just wanted to be sure to get all the grease from the fires off.

The stones in the middle are dual purpose. They cover the silicon and they allow another area for the birds to stand without being immersed in water. 

Have a great week!...Lori