...or two.

Aaron Brothers Art Supply is having their annual one cent sale through January 28th. Now is the time to pick up a HUGE canvas and get the second for ONE CENT!

Franz Klein Painting (Miles Redd interior)

 What can you do with a large canvas you ask? You can make a HUGE statement!

Franz Klein Painting


All you need is a little inspiration,

Gwen Driscoll Design

Mario Uribe Painting (KWID Design) 

2 paint colors and 1 brush.
First paint your background color on the entire canvas and let it dry. You can use acrylic paint from Blick or you can use whatever extra interior or exterior house paint that you may have left over from another project.

Depending on the paint, you'll need to let it dry for 2 to 5 hours.
Next comes the fun part...


Takesada Matsutani Painting (Juan Montoya Design) 

Soak your brush in your second color and either clear your mind and paint a circle (careful...don't think too much and do not correct any mistakes; that's part of the art of enso)

Grant Gibson painting


or...think about that @#*&! person who rear ended you at the red light while they were texting and go for it!

Either technique only takes a few minutes but can be amazingly cathartic and produce beautiful results.