Most of us have something that we've inherited or collected but are not sure what to do with. My inheritance happens to be several strands of beads and necklaces that I never wear. Some sterling, some turquoise, lapis, ivory, and malachite.

The different textures, colors, and sizes of all these make for a wonderful conversation piece when all displayed together.

Similar to putting art on the walls or a sculpture or beautiful vase on a table, necklaces when grouped together create their own work of art. 

The easiest way to display your collection is just by placing them all in a bowl in the middle of your coffee table or your console table.

Or you can always hang them on an existing sculpture that you already have.

Either way, not only are you able to appreciate the beauty of something you have hidden away in a drawer, but you're also adding personal history to your home and sparking a fun conversation!

Have a great weekend...Lori