Welcome to the Design Salon Blog!  We hope to inspire you to create the home you've always wanted with our Monday and Thursday weekly posts where we will cover just about anything and everything related to residential design.
The glue of the Design Salon Blog will be our "Spotlight On" series:

Spotlight On... Artisans, Tradesmen, Contractors:  Each month we will interview at least one independent artisan, contractor, or skilled person of a trade, like a tile mosaic artist, a metal craftsmen, concrete artisans, carpenters, a general contractor, etc.  These hardworking men and women bring life to ideas and designs.  Oftentimes they have a unique perspective on the development and execution of design project, whether the design is your architect's or their own.  What insights can they impart to us to help you in your design process, or in even choosing a good designer?  What suggestions do they have for the Do-It-Yourselfer? Are there common mistakes that can be avoided while a project is still in the design phase?  How does one even go about hiring an artisan for a custom project?  Phew!  Are you curious and intrigued?  We certainly are!

Spotlight On... Where to buy it:  We'll feature one special store, showroom or marketplace each month and tell you why we think it's deserving of the Design Salon Spotlight. Which shop do you suppose we will write about first?  Maybe it'll be that Hayes Street glass-art gallery whose art has more personality than the snarky barista who growled at you this morning... or perhaps that bustling Berkeley storefront that sells art by famous international artists?  Decisions, decisions!

Spotlight On... the Garden:  Once a month tips, ideas, projects, or ponderations to inspire you along in your garden project.

Spotlight On... Lori's Design File from Projects Past:  Lori Pepe-Lunche, principle of Design Salon has been creating beautiful interiors in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade.  Once a month we'll pull a little special something from her File from Projects Past.

Finally, you will want to stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Design Salon Workshops!  So far, we have these workshops in the works:

- reupholster your ottoman
- making simple and elegant covered shelves
- creating stylish branch lights
- making your own design board just like a professional interior designer
- decorating project ideas for Christmas 2011

Should you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact us.  We are here for you!

Lori and Janelle
The Design Salon Blog