Is your fireplace being abandoned without a second thought in the warmer weather? Why not take the opportunity in these warmer months tp change it up a bit? Make it a different focal point...without a fire.


There are endless ways you can decorate th interior of your fireplace when not in use. The simplest and probably the most popular is to fill it with candles or lanterns.

But there are also other creative lighting ideas if you still want to see it lit up. How about a tumbleweed that you wrap a few strands of battery operated LED light strands through.


 If you have a pile of wood, just stack it neatly in the fireplace until you need it next fall.

You can use grapevine or driftwood to create a beautiful still life. You could give it a twist by spray painting them white or even red!

Stand a beautiful platter just inside on a plate stand.

Place a pot filled with something fun like wood spheres or old billiard balls stacked up in it.

A large graphic accent could be fun and modern.

A large bunch of dried Hydrangeas is light and casual.

Create a firescape instead of a tablescape with books, bowls, or sculptures.

There are a multitude of things you could do and they would all look SO much better than an empty lonely fireplace!

What did you do?...Lori