I dropped by my favorite junk antiques shop today to see if they had anything new that one of my clients could use.

What I found I decided to keep for myself! After all, I deserve a treat for Mother's Day!

They had several blue and white chinese pots and ginger jars. One is always nice...but en masse they can be fabulous.

For $15. I purchased 3 of varying height, cleaned them up, placed them in a group,

and filled each one with a bunch of white flowers. 

One with Tulips, one with Hydrangeas, and one with roses from my garden.

It couldn't be more simple to create a lovely statement for your dining table, mantle, or entry.

You can find inexpensive second hand blue and white vases at The Alameda Antiques Fair (flea market), Goodwill, Salvation Army, Urban Ore, or your local junk shop!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you!