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Invite The Birds Inside

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Wednesday, August 8, 2012, In : Art 

I've always loved the outdoors and usually try to incorporate them, in some fashion, into my interior designs. 

One of the things that I enjoy doing is listening to and watching all of the birds that make our backyard their summer home. The bird bath that I rigged a couple of months ago has attracted even more avian friends!  


Ralph Lauren Design

One way to incorporate the outdoors into your home is through birds in art.

There are incredible vintage bird prints available for little to no cost...

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Hoist Your Flag

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Saturday, May 26, 2012, In : Art 

If you have a large wall to make a colorful simple statement on, or a small bedroom that needs a punch of color

try a vintage flag!


 There are so many sizes and designs to choose from.


Mariners flags are great in a library or a boys room

All you need to do is either mount your flag on a piece of 1/4" plywood with furniture tacks around the edge, use a large poster frame, or put a frame together with 4 lengths of 1" x 2" strips that are secured at the corners with 4 corner brackets and wrap th...

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Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Friday, March 16, 2012, In : Art 

I stopped by one of my favorite haunts today, Urban Ore, looking through lots of other people's trash, always looking for treasures.


It is a very LARGE, old, rusted and warm ring with a very soft feel.

It's about 48 inches in diameter, the band is about 3 inches wide and it is a very heavy gauge steel.

It would look incredible just hanging on a stark white wall (very modern...rustic yet minimalist).

Imagine a beautiful rusted steel circle above this sofa,

on your mantel,



It would a...

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A New Star is Born

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Friday, March 9, 2012, In : Art 

Last week I was invited to the first art exhibit of a young man I have known since he was in grade school. I was always enthralled by the projects he had going; all quite advanced and all taking huge amounts of patience. The end results were always incredible.

Pillars of Creation - Eagle Nebula 
After graduating from UC Davis Elliot went on to Hastings Law School in San Francisco where he will finish in June and take the BAR exam shortly thereafter. 

Creation Nebula

Seeing Elliot's...
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Domingos Totora...A Recycle Artist and Genius

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, In : Art 

My first thought when discovering his work was "impossible...this can't be recycled cardboard!"


But it is...and oh, Domigos Totora's work is incredible.

After studying design in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Domingos returned to his small hometown of Maria Da Fe, a city in the region of Minas Gerais in Brazil and chose cardboard as the source material for his work. The surrounding nature serves as his source of inspiration. 

Starting with recycled cardboard, he creates objects and sculptures where beau...

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Objets D'Art...Where You Can Find Them

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Friday, January 13, 2012, In : Art 

Art is everywhere around us. Consider a basic industrial tool, or even a piece of driftwood. The design, whether natural or manmade is something to be appreciated and celebrated. 

(Hollister and Porter Hovey Design)

(Joseph Foglia Designs)


(Hollister and Porter Hovey Design)

Be sure to give it some space to will take on a life of its own and everyone can really enjoy it!

You can find many wonderful objects at the Alame...
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Picture Perfect

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Friday, June 24, 2011, In : Art 

I've been asked several times over the past week "How should I frame my kids' art and where can I hang you think it's good enough to hang in the back hall?"

What is great about kids art is that it is natural and uninhibited. It is very difficult (if not impossible) for most adults to create the same feeling in their masterpieces. Kids really are the true masters.  

Where should you hang it? I say hang it somewhere that is visible to your house guests so that they may enjoy it too! You...
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In the Eye of the Beholder

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Friday, April 1, 2011, In : Art 

Art does NOT have to be expensive to be impressive!  

Horizon Series #6 - Liz Maxwell "Hang Art"


Iceberg - Jeff Dikio "Hang Art"

Do you have an empty wall that you'd like to cover or do you just want to change the look of your living room, family room, or entryway?

One of the easiest things to do other than painting your walls, is placing a painting on the wall.

While working with clients to find that special work of art, I’ve come across a few resources that I would love to share just in...

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