Just like in fashion, sometimes the finishing touch makes all the difference! This is an easy touch that you can save loads on if you are willing to do it yourself. It really is easy.

 After Framing
I have several canvas paintings. Some that I have collected by favorite artists, and others that my son or I have created. Usually they go for years without framing. They can be hung so easily without one and look just fine. I decided that it was time to frame this one that I created which hangs over my bed and it really makes a difference. See how to create the actual painting here.

Before Framing

All I needed was some wood. I used clear Fir 1" x 2" that I picked up at the lumber store for only $5. First measure your canvas that you are framing and add 1/4" to the length of each side. My canvas was 30" by 40" so I needed two pieces of 30 1/4" lengths and two pieces of 40 1/4" lengths.

You will need to measure from the inside corner to the inside corner for mitering.

Place your wood in your miter box with your measured mark on the inside of the box closest to your saw handle. You will be cutting on an angle (miter) from your mark to the outer edge of the frame. Clamp your wood in so that it doesn't budge and saw (* Miter boxes are very inexpensive and can be used for a multitude of projects.)

Once you have cut the four sides of your frame, place them together (face/front down) on a large table or the floor to be sure that you have cut correctly. The 1" side will face front and the 2" side will be the side of the frame. Use some wood glue on the corners and then staple them together on the back of the frame. After securing all four corners, let the glue cure.


Once the glue has cured, you can turn the frame over or stand it up to fill the corner seams with wood putty.

When the wood putty is dry, sand lightly to smooth it out and then paint your frame. I painted mine with 2 coats of gold paint.

After the paint is dry, slide your your canvas painting into the frame. It should be fairly snug (there should only be 1/8" space between the canvas and the frame). Then put 2 staples at the top of your canvas (on the very back edge), one on the right side and one on the left side. Turn your canvas over and do the same on the bottom edge. When you are finished you should have 2 staples on the top and 2 staples on the bottom of your canvas. The staples will be sticking up a bit which will prevent the canvas from protruding through the front of your frame.

Looking down on to the top of the canvas behind the new frame. The staple in the 
center of the photo is placed into the top of the canvas. 
To prepare to hang it, screw 1 eyelet screw on each side of your new frame, stretch some picture hanging wire between the eyelet screws, thread the wire through the screws with about 3 inches to fold over on each side and twist it around itself.

Voila! You're ready to hang your new framed work of art! You'll find that it really adds a nice finishing touch.


Have a great weekend...Lori