I've always loved the outdoors and usually try to incorporate them, in some fashion, into my interior designs. 

One of the things that I enjoy doing is listening to and watching all of the birds that make our backyard their summer home. The bird bath that I rigged a couple of months ago has attracted even more avian friends!  


Ralph Lauren Design

One way to incorporate the outdoors into your home is through birds in art.

There are incredible vintage bird prints available for little to no cost that can really make a statement in a room.

Tom Scheerer Design 
You can group several together to make a gallery wall,


or even use just one large print to do the trick.

You can choose to go with only black and white,

or take the opportunity to add color to your room.

Either way, birds can be classic, fun, sophisticated or rustic, and always beautiful.

For vintage bird prints check out the "Aged Page" Etsy shop. They have a great selection of many species for only $10 each. You can also find free downloadable prints at "Vintage Printable"