LED Candles for The Holidays

October 17, 2012

Now's the time to stock up on candles for the holidays! Try the candles that never make a mess, and never burn out!

LED candles are now on sale at Cost Plus through October 21st at a fantastic price.

The 3"x3" candle is now $5.99.

The 3"x6" candle is now $7.49.

Use these for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas...or just for a romantic evening dinner.

On another note, I thought I'd tell you about a couple of other great deals I've spied.

I'm loving this bright Vintage Mahal pillow that is now on sale at Joss & Main (if nobody has snapped it up yet),

and this sweet Scroll Bench.

Gotta Run...Lori

Interior Halloween Decor

October 13, 2012

As my child has aged, I tend not to decorate indoors for Halloween anymore. I keep the scary, creepy, and fun stuff on the front porch for the little visitors on Halloween night. But I still love a good table centerpiece!

This one has a more elegant Halloween feel and its super easy to do. Just cut the top off a green pumpkin (a small top the size of a drinking glass opening...3-4" in diameter), hollow out a cylinder size area of the pumpkin (so you can actually slide a glass or small jar rig...

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Fall Furs

October 10, 2012

It's fall, the evenings are getting cooler, and if you've ever used a nice faux fur to keep warm, you know that it's the best!
Here are a few suggestions for using them, as well as places to find some.

Use a sheep skin to keep your toes warm...

or use one to keep your seat warm...



If you're not satisfied with that, then by all means wrap yourself in a large faux fur!




Gilt.com has a sale that's ending in 2 days featuring Donna Salyers' "Fabulous Furs" that are normally close to $200. now o...
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Wild Reflections

October 6, 2012

I found a great large beveled mirror with a decent wood frame the other day at one of my favorite haunts for only $5. It just needed a quick sanding and painting to spruce it up. But why settle for plain Jane when I could go wild!

This is what I ended up with! It's fun, interesting, used up a bunch of pieces of Manzanita I had laying around as well as an old paper maché deer and some rubber snakes.


I just glued my carefully curated pile of odds and ends on the top and bottom of the mirror f...

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Towels As Art?

October 3, 2012

Why not?...In the kitchen.

I was at Sur La Table today and found the greatest kitchen towels! In fact you could either frame them, if you need some wall art in your kitchen,

 or you could get a small wooden dowel at the hardware store, glue it to the top back edge of the towel (with hot glue) and just hang it over two small nails.

The other great thing to do with nice towels is make some fabulous throw pillows. When they have fantastic graphics...
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Cost Less At Cost Plus

September 28, 2012

I haven't been to Cost Plus World Market in ages...have you? I was in the neighborhood so I stopped by to check out their inventory and was I surprised!


They had some fantastic, colorful cotton and jute rugs on sale for up to 50% off (large and small sizes).

You could throw a small one in an entry, on your kitchen floor, or use this big neutral paisley in the bedroom.

Have a small sitting room to furnish or just need a small settee for your bedroom? This was really cozy and comfortable in l...
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Instant Personalized Art

September 25, 2012

Très chic!

What a wonderful way to be able to view and display your favorite pictures...in this digital age.

Take advantage of technology, create a conversation piece, and fill a large space in a fabulous way.

If you take pictures with your iPhone, as I do most of the time now...I mean that's when I get my best candid shots anyway...you can now instantly download and format them so easily with one of the many apps out there.

You can either print them on to a canvas or a contact sheet that you ...
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Presto Change-o!

September 22, 2012

I know what you're going to say..."Another light?"

It's just sooo hard for me to resist a $7. deal at the The Goodwill!

All I had to do was paint it. I was planning on painting it a bright glossy red or even a glossy black, but after cleaning and priming, it just looked amazing in white! So I found a Matte White Krylon spray (not glossy) which makes it look like a plaster sculpture in real life. Pretty Cool. I would actually put a bit longer Black drum shade on it though.

The moral of this sto...
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Flowers & Leaves

September 19, 2012

Sunday was my 17th Anniversary...Wooo Hooo! Shocking...Time flies when your having fun!

My honey brought home one dozen beautiful roses for a perfect arrangement so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share them with you and show you how to make a statement with lots of greens!

You can use as few as 3 to 5 flowers (or none at all). Take a stroll in your backyard, grab some greens (any kind will do) and be sure to place your greens in the vase first. They will act as the structure to hold y...
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Coffee Table Magic

September 15, 2012

I love to find simple ways of creating furnishings. About a year ago I posted a couple of creative ways of putting together a 3 minute coffee table. Here are two more!

If you're in need of a quick one, just gather all of your magazines that you've been saving, stack them up, and place a piece of glass right on top.

This one you can create by taking four cinderblocks and laying a stone slab right on top. You can find some nice stone slabs at your local salvage yard. Just be sure and inset the ...

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