I've been a bit swamped with last minute deadlines before the Thanksgiving holiday thus the silence for the last week. When Thanksgiving has passed, I'll have some new projects to share. Here is one that looks easy and I would love to try!

These wonderful "PulpLamps" were created by Enrique Romero, an Industrial Designer in Madrid, Spain.

The only material he uses is the paper paste made from recycled newspapers.

Shred the newspaper into a container,

Add your glue and water,

Stir well

Let sit so the paper can absorb the glue, breakdown, and thicken a bit, 

Squeeze the water and glue mixture out so that you have a heavy putty-like consistency,

Start molding.

He makes all of the shapes with inflatable molds.

After the mold is dry, remove the inflatable form and add a cord and socket. See how to do that here.
Each creation has a new shape, color, and texture.

These lamps have such an organic yet sophisticated, modern feel. 

Easy right?

Have a great weekend...Lori